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Water Soluble Waxes:

Water Soluble Waxes are widely used in investment casting industry and are used to achieve internal cavity in a casting and perfectly suited for making hollow items.

General Properties

  • Water soluble wax is special product used for manufacturing of soluble cores to create critical internal shapes
  • Water soluble waxes can be used for any type of core configuration
  • Water soluble fibers contained formulations can increase strength and resistance to cracking

Advantages of water soluble waxes

  • Water soluble waxes are ease to inject like any other waxes
  • They have good surface finish
  • They have ability to produce many types and shapes of cores dimensions
  • They have excellent dimensional stability.
  • They can be easily leached from the patterns.

How to use water soluble waxes

Water soluble waxes are different to other wax products. They are high in viscosity and have different melting characteristics. Here are some points below which will help you in using a water soluble wax-

 1. Melting of wax.

  •  Melt the wax in a tank till it gets thick liquid
  • While melting the wax should be continuously aggregated or stirred using mixing tools
  • Entrap of air should be avoided while aggregating the wax
  1. Producing of water soluble cores: Use of water soluble cores should be done with care
  •  Care must be taken while filling injection tank and avoid air trap in tank while filling.
  • Injection temperature should be perfectly set to achieve good surface finish of cores
  • Die chilling is very important to increase productivity and avoid shrinkage of cores.
  • For better die release of the core, oil base die release agents or Greece can be used.
  • Injected Water-Soluble Cores must be stored properly avoiding contact with heat and Moisture.
  • Finished Water Soluble Cores can be used for Wax Pattern Production by placing the Soluble Core in to the tooling before injecting the wax.
  • Injected Wax Patterns should be allowed for complete solidification.
  • Water-soluble core should be leached out from the wax pattern with the help of mild acidic water. When the core material comes in contact with acid, dispersing of the core is started. To accelerate this process there should be light stirring of the acid bath. Also the acid should be replaced once it lost its strength.
  • After complete leaching of the core, wax patterns should be inspected properly and used for the production.



  • Cores can be removed by immersion in a 10% solution of hydrochloric acid
  • Citric acid may be substituted but this will increase the wax removal time
  • A separate technical advice sheet is available on leaching of water soluble wax products
  • Wash patterns in clean water after removal from tank
  • To prevent deterioration of surface patterns should be stored in an airtight container
  • Any residues should be neutralized with a suitable material and then disposed of with normal foundry waste

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Types of Wax Used in Investment Casting

Types of Wax:
Investment casting is an oldest manufacturing. It is the proven technology to economically produce metal forms with low tolerance parts, complex geometries and superior surface finish, for achieving these it is very important to use superior waxes at every stages of casting.

It has been used in various forms from decades; earlier beeswax was used to form patterns necessary for the casting process. Today, more advanced waxes are used which are as follows,

  • Filled Pattern waxes
  • Un-filled or Non-filled Pattern waxes
  • Runner waxes
  • Water-soluble waxes
  • Repair Waxes
  • Sticky waxes


Filled Pattern Waxes:

Filled pattern waxes are having excellent flow properties and consistent dimensional stability with superior surface finish.

It is suitable for manual as well as automatic production system. It is designed for big to small wax pattern production, It makes special for wax pattern production of Aerospace Parts, Automobile Components, Valve and Impeller Components, General Engineering and other industries.

There are different products which are highly efficient in this category, namely:

  • Filled pattern wax FPWE.30 (Colour: Green)
  • Filled pattern wax FPW.E40 (Colour: Green)


Unfilled / Non – Filled Pattern Waxes:

Unfilled pattern waxes are the blends used in filling even the most complex dies, producing sharply defined patterns. And they are used in automotive, golf club and hardware applications like gears, decorative castings.

This waxes have exceptional flow properties, hence the wax is suitable for critical and precision applications. It works perfectly on both manual and automatic production systems. Also it has dimensional consistency which makes this wax suitable for mass production.

Speciality of this wax is simplicity in recycling and sustaining physical properties after dewaxing, these waxes are widely used in automotive, golf club and hardware applications like gears, decorative castings and other industries.

There are different products which are highly efficient in this category, namely:

  • Non Filled pattern wax NFPW.B200 (Colour: Blue)
  • Non Filled pattern wax UPW-E145 (Colour : Green)


Runner Waxes:

Runner waxes have excellent mechanical strength, low viscosity and melting point which ease use in assembly of pattern wax.

While dewaxing lower melting helps runner melt first and drain out of the ceramic mould and passage for the thermal expansion of the Wax Patterns which results in cracks free moulds. It has Good operational Soldering strength for avoiding part broken while handling the assemblies and shells.

There are different products which are highly efficient in this category, namely:

  • Runner Waxes UVERCON (Colour: Olive Green)


Water Soluble Waxes:

Water Soluble waxes are widely used for making internal intricate cores of the wax patterns. These cores should be placed in wax pattern die. After wax pattern injection, these soluble cores should be dissolved in acid and water solution bath. Surface finish and productivity of these soluble cores is very good.

These waxes are leached before assembling of pattern on runners. There are different products which are highly efficient in this category, namely:


Note: It is an improvised version of regular soluble wax and is fortified with the solubility busters, these special type of accelerating molecules improves the solubility of the wax. This wax has proven  better results when used with water mixed with mild acids.


 Repair Waxes:

Repair waxes are paste type wax used to cover the surface defects of the wax patterns. This wax is widely used for repairing the surface defects of the wax pattern, like cavitations, flow lines and non-fills.

There are different products which are highly efficient in this category, namely:

  • REPAIR WAX (Colour: Red)


Sticky Waxes:

This is a glue type wax. Sticky Wax provides a very strong joint which reduces the assembly time and makes the process hassle free.

There are different products which are highly efficient in this category, namely:

  • STICKY WAX (Colour: Pale Yellow)


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