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Our Technical and Marketing Director - Mr. Rajesh Zade’s article on Benefits of Low Filled Gel Waxes published in INCAST Magazine USA.

Investment Casting foundries supplying castings to Automobile, power transmission and general industries have to offer competitive prices to the customers.
To save on the Wax cost most of the companies choose to use recycled waxes. Unfilled or Non Filled Waxes are easy for recycling but compared to Filled Pattern Waxes, there productivity is low. Also, non-filled waxes needs skilled workers and close Production Parameters.On the other side Filled Waxes are suitable for mass production and the dimension consistency is better.
To combine advantages of both types of waxes, Low Filled Gel Waxes can play an important role in modern Investment Casting Foundries.

Low Fill Gel Waxes

Low Fill Gel Waxes are new age waxes, which are in smooth gel condition at the Wax Pattern Injection Temperature. Compared to paste condition of normal waxes, flow of the Gel Waxes is better, resulting better cavity filling and surface properties are achieved. When the Gel Waxes are filled with low strength, all the advantages of Filled Pattern Waxes and Gel Waxes are combined.
Super Finished Wax patterns with Quality Consistency and Productivity can be produced and at the same time post dewaxing, recycling of the autoclaved waxes is simplified. Filler percentage in Low Fill Gel Waxes is 10 to 12 percent.

To improve the productivity and maintain the Quality Consistency, Low Fill Gel Waxes works on different levels.

  1. Because of the gel condition of the Waxes and Filler Content, Wax Pattern Productivity is improved.
  2. Post Dewaxing, filler settling of the autoclaved waxes is fast and easy. Low Fill Gel Waxes offers very low viscosity at 100⁰C to 120⁰C.
  3. After filler separation the loss of the wax quantity is low, so it is cast saving too.

To achieve all these targets, we recommend our users to start with runner waxes compatible with Gel Waxes.Runner Systems are made with runner waxes and 10 percent Low Fill Waxes are used for Wax Pattern Production. After dewaxing of the ceramic moulds, the autoclaved Wax should be returned to the Wax Manufacturer or the Wax Reclamation service provider. The Wax Manufacturer is having good moisture removal facility, where by heating the wax while continuous stirring, moisture is removed.

After moisture removal, wax is transferred to special types of settling tanks. Here without any physical disturbance and controlled temperature wax is settled for specific period to separate the filler material and impurities. After filler and waste wax separation, the wax is cleaned in different stages: Micro Filtration, Chemical Wash andhigh-speed Centrifuge of the waxes. After filtration the waxes are inspected for Ash Content, thermal and Physical properties.

After maintaining the desired qualities, these waxes are further used for Runner Wax Production and by reconstitution and fresh filler adding, Low Fill Gel Waxes are formulated having same quality and performance of Virgin Pattern Waxes. This is the best available option by which ash content and other properties of the Refurbished Waxes can controlled. Utilisation of autoclaved waxes is done efficiently, and cost saving is achieved without scarifying the Quality and Consistency.