Saffroshine Organic has been regarded as the market leader in the pattern wax industry, thanks to its contemporary high-quality materials, that make use of the latest technologies. With state-of-the-art equipment and best-in-class personnel, Saffroshine Organic can boast of harnessing the utilizing the latest technologies to be the pioneers in innovating latest trends and processes in manufacturing pattern waxes.

For Manufacturing of the Pattern Waxes, Saffroshine Organic can boast of having a fully automatic production facility which is capable of handling any technical challenge in the investment casting industry. Having built a commendable reputation as an ISO Certified company, facilities at Saffroshine Organic ensure accuracy and consistency in the production are given the highest preference.

With two Wax Injection Machines and different tools for R&D and testing, equipment used at Saffroshine inspect every product to ensure the highest quality is maintained. The organization also makes use CRM, production and Inventory control software, thereby helping the team in managing the process efficiently.