Water Solubale waxes are most commonly used as a solid core over which non-soluble wax is applied. When placed in water the soluble wax core is dissolved, leaving only the non-soluble wax behind.
These waxes comprise of a filler, binder(polyethylene glycol also known as PEG) and effervescing carbonate.The Filler
Consisting of a fine powder material and being an inorganic material, the filler is mainly used in order to improve the shrinkage characteristics of the wax and the overall structural strength of the wax blend. Fibers (more accurately fibrous materials) are also added in some cases in order to improve both the elasticity and strength of the wax
The Binder
Used in various combinations, PEG helps to achieve the desired melting point characteristics, harness and viscosity.
The Benefits of Water Soluble Wax:
Water soluble waxes has many advantages, Water soluble waxes have good injection characteristics.
1. It can be leached easily from patterns.
2. This type of wax delivers a good surface finish.
3. Because the filler conveys a greater stability and minimizes cavitations, an excellent dimensional stability can be achieved.
4. It also has the benefit of producing a wider range of core geometries.
Water soluble waxes has a high viscosity or thickness, a different range of melting characteristics, a higher filler ratio and a tendency to entrap air this makes them different from other types of waxes

How this wax is used:
As this waxes are different from other types of waxes used in investment casting, Saffroshine employs special procedures in order to ensure only the highest quality castings.
Melting wax in a tank or kettle at between 80° C (176° F) and 85° C (185° F), the liquefied wax is slowly and continuously agitated at around 10 – 15 rpm. This is done in order to ensure an even temperature throughout also to prevent the filler from settling.
We ensure that no air entrap through cavitation by our special designs of both tanks and agitators also we take high precaution while filling the transport container as well as the press wax tank for mixture to not get contacted with air.
We ensure that the injection nozzle,tank and transfer system are kept at the same temperature dor balanced press temperature profile.
In order to achieve better surface finish and minimizing chipping to occur at the edges the die used should heated at the start of the casting process By injection soluble wax at the highest possible pressure and lowest possible temperature, better casting results are also obtained.
Water soluble waxes are typically injected under:
• A pressure of 300 < 500 psi (20 < 35 Bar)
• A temperature of between 55 °C and 65° C (131° F and 149° F)

We at Saffroshine Pvt Ltd takes every precaution in our process to manufacture quality waxes which helps to achieve quality casting at the end, also we help / consult for choosing water soluble waxes as well as other waxes as per your requirement for achieving desired product with accuracy please contact us at or +91-217-2357272.