Lost Wax Investment Casting

Lost Wax Casting:
Lost wax casting is also called as investment casting and is one of the oldest technique carried out to obtain precision casting. Today it is widely used in each and every sector of casting so as to reduce machining cost and obtain fine surface finish because of many impactful advantages and few are listed below:

Design Advantage:

  • Lost Wax investment casting helps to form intricate forms even forms with undercut.
  • Production of wide variety of products across different industries is only possible in lost wax investment casting. (Examples are like a larger-sized product that can be made using investment casting is turbine blades with complex shapes for power generation industries, Blades can be single-crystal, directionally solidified, or conventional equated blades and another example is The firearm industry where investment casting is used for smaller precision parts like firearm receivers, triggers, and hammers.


  • The accuracy of lost wax investment casting is second to none,
  • Parts with the highest precision can be cast with little to no machining or detailing required.
  • superior surface finish on the castings ( 120 to 150) RMS. Grater alloy selection
  • Helps to enhance performance of casted part.
  • Close tolerances of ± .005” (This is not possible with other types of casting processes.

Cost Reduction Advantage:

  • Lost wax investment casting provides exact shapes which leads to lower material cost.
  • Lost wax investment casting reduces the expensive machining operations that reduces initial tooling cost

The most impactful advantage of lost wax investment casting is environment friendly as it is produced from wax patterns which in most cases can be reclaimed and used again. Because of wax pattern one can eliminate expensive revisions and reducing metal scrap as we can see our part before it get casted.

Now it is very essential to use lost wax in investment casting industry to save environmental changes. We, Saffroshine organics Pvt,Ltd. are leading manufacturer of pattern wax, Our wide range of waxes are economically friendly as they can be used 3 to 5 times without losing any of their properties. and are easiest recyclable wax available in the world market like India, Taiwan, China, Turkey, Germany, USA and other leading countries.