Runner Waxes are having following features:

  1. Better dewaxibility.
  2. Minimum thermal expansion.
  3. Good operational Soldering strength for avoiding part broken while handling the assemblies and shells.
  4. Lower melting point than Pattern Waxes, because of this runner melt first and drain our of the ceramic mould while dewaxing. This provide passage for the thermal expansion of the Wax Patterns while melting. This results in cracks free moulds while dewaxing.

Specifications of the Runner Wax

Parameters Specification
1. Grade UVERCON
3. Form Of Supply SLABS
4. R&B Softening Point 68° TO 72°C
5. Congealing Point 64°C TO 68°C.
6. Drop Melting Point 73°C TO 75°C.
7. Ash Percentage 0.02 MAX
8.Moisture Content NIL
9. Filler Percentage NIL
10. Linear Contraction 0.8 TO 1%

Injection Parameters and Operating Conditions:

Wax Injection Temperature : Semi Liquid Condition at 60°C to 65°C.
Wax Injection Pressure : 200 psi to 400 psi.
Wax Flow : Minimum.
Injection Cycle Time : As per the job.
Die cooling Temp. : 15°C to 18°C.

Special Notes:
1. Sufficient diameter of the Wax injection gate should be provided so that it could provide proper wax feeding while the injection.
2. Wax Pattern should be stored in water till complete solidification. The water temperature should be less than 25°C.
3. Die cooling or Table cooling must be provided.