This is a glue type wax. While tree/assembly making, wax patters gate should be dipped in the molten Sticky Wax and then soldered to the wax runner. This Sticky Wax provides a very strong joint. It reduces the assembly time and make the process hassle free.

Physical Properties

1 Color Pale yellow
2 Form of supply Small chunks of 100 gm
3 Ash content 0.02 Max
4 Melting point 75°C
5 Moisture content NIL
6 Packing 25 kg box of 250 small chunks

Stickcast is a sticky wax designed for soldering the wax patterns to wax runner system. Its melting point and strength is designed for mass production of wax pattern assemblies.

It also minimizes the part broken problems while shell building.

Optimum Operating Parameters

1 Optimum operating Parameters 60º to 65ºC