This Unfilled Wax operates at wide range of parameters and suitable for commercial parts. This wax can be used without any chills, resulting better productivity and surface qualities.


This Filled Pattern Wax is having 40% Filler material. Because of the high Filler content, high productivity with extreme surface finish properties are achieved.


This wax is used for making internal intricate cores of the wax patterns. These cores should be placed in wax pattern die.


This is a glue type wax. While tree/assembly making, wax patters gate should be dipped in the molten Sticky Wax and then soldered to the wax runner.


This is a paste type wax used to cover the surface defects of the wax patters. Generally it is smoothed out lightly on the defect areas.


Good operational Soldering strength for avoiding part broken while handling the assemblies and shells.